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A Practical Pet Door

Are you looking for a way to allow your pet to enter and exit your home freely without you having to open the door for them? Tired of drafty, old pet doors that let in cold air and bugs? Look no further! Two Brothers Glass, Inc. offers the best pet door installation in Sacramento. Contact us today to learn about our innovative patio pet door conversion system!

Custom-Built Pet Door Inserts

At Two Brothers Glass, we specialize in pet door inserts that replace the glass in your sliding door or fixed patio doors. Our custom-built inserts are designed to match the exact width, height, and thickness of your existing glass unit. No special fasteners are required, making installation quick and easy!

Benefits of Our Pet Door

Convenience: Your pets can come and go as they please, reducing the need for you to constantly open and close the door.
Energy Efficiency: Our pet doors are the most energy-efficient on the market, helping you save on heating and cooling costs.
Aesthetics: Our pet doors are designed to seamlessly blend with your home’s décor.
Security: With robust locks and UV-treated vinyl flaps, our pet doors ensure the safety and security of your home.

Pet Door Sacramento

Ensuring Safety, Convenience, and Satisfaction for You and Your Pets

Our commitment to providing top-notch pet door installations means we prioritize the safety, convenience, and satisfaction of you and your pets. We offer pet doors with specific UV-treated vinyl flaps, built to withstand time and weather. 

These flaps won’t shrink, crack, or discolor, ensuring they remain as good as new. Moreover, our pet doors seamlessly integrate with your screen and sliding doors, preserving their functionality. Our locks are robust and reliable, keeping your home secure. The result? Happy pets and an even happier home.

MaxSeal® PRO Pet Door

The MaxSeal® PRO pet door is a prime example of our dedication to quality and innovation. The MaxSeal® PRO pet door is the pinnacle of quality and innovation, perfect for pet owners in Sacramento.  Boasting state-of-the-art features, this pet door offers unmatched security when locked, thanks to its 1-inch insulated interior security panel. 

The aluminum hinged connection on the MaxSeal® PRO flaps guarantees durability, even for larger dogs. It allows for smoother flap movement and eliminates pinching. What’s more, we offer an industry-leading warranty covering the door and flaps for up to 6 years against defects. For those with pets that tend to be hard on flaps, a 1-year replacement option is available. Rest assured, all Security Boss products are handcrafted to order, ensuring longevity and peace of mind for you and your furry companions.

Pet Door in Sacramento

Unmatched Security

Pet Door in Sacramento

Durability for Larger Pets

Pet Door in Sacramento

Extensive Warranty Coverage

Pet Door in Sacramento

Handcrafted Quality

Pet Doors

Benefits of Our Patio Pet Door Conversion System:

Maintains Door Functionality: Allows your sliding door to slide, lock, and function the same.
Screen Compatibility: Allows your screen to work normally.
Energy Efficiency: Comes with new double-pane safety glass. Your weather stripping still lines up and seals properly.
Security: Allows secondary locks and alarms to work without modification.
Full View: Maintains an unobstructed view.
Easy Removal: If you sell your home or no longer have a pet, the original glass can be reinstalled in minutes.

Pet Door Sacramento

Pet Door Installation Process

We provide free in-home estimates and professional installation services for pet doors in Sacramento. Our competitive pricing and expert craftsmanship ensure customer satisfaction with the best pet doors in Sacramento.


Free Estimate

We begin with a free consultation to assess your specific needs and preferences.
Step 1

Custom Design

We design pet doors that fit perfectly with your existing doors, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient solution for your home in Sacramento.
Step 2


Our skilled technicians provide professional installation services, guaranteeing that your pet door is securely and properly installed.
Step 3


Enjoy the quality of our pet doors. Our competitive pricing and expert craftsmanship ensure you are completely satisfied with your new pet door.
Step 4

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Customer Testimonials

John D.
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Two Brothers Glass did an amazing job with our pet door conversion. The installation was quick, and the door looks great. Our dog loves it, and we appreciate the energy savings!
Sarah M.
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I couldn't be happier with the pet door conversion done by Two Brothers Glass. The team was professional, and the door blends seamlessly with our patio. Highly recommended!
Michael T.
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The custom pet door installation by Two Brothers Glass exceeded my expectations. It’s sturdy, looks fantastic, and our pets are thrilled. Great service and quality craftsmanship.
Emily R.
Read More
Two Brothers Glass provided exceptional service for our pet door conversion. The team was punctual, friendly, and did an excellent job. Our new pet door is both functional and stylish.
David K.
Read More
We had a wonderful experience with Two Brothers Glass. They installed a custom pet door in our patio door, and it works perfectly. Their attention to detail and customer service are top-notch.
Laura H.
Read More
Two Brothers Glass converted our patio door into a pet door, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The installation was smooth, and the door is of high quality. Our pets and family love it!